Please check the bulletin weekly for any important updates to the Mass Schedule.

Beginning July 24 all weekend Masses

Mass on Saturday at 5:30 PM and Sunday at 7:30 and 10:00 AM will be held in the school gymnasium.  Chairs will be available on floor level, as well as seating in the bleachers.  Please be considerate of those who find it difficult to walk distances, and leave the spots in the upper gym lot open for those parishioners.  You may enter through the gym doors, and there is a ramp for those who cannot walk up or down the steps.

Weekday Masses, Beginning July 18:

6:30 AM Mass, Tuesday – Friday

Masses will be held in the chapel at the Catholic Center, just down the hill behind the Cathedral.  You may park in their visitor lots and enter through the main front doors, or you may park in the upper, service entrance lot and enter through the side door, if you need to avoid the steps.  There are 52 chairs in this chapel, with room to stand after those are filled.


8:00 AM Mass, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday

If school is in session, the school Mass on Wednesdays and Fridays will be held in the school’s gymnasium.  You may enter through the gym doors.  There is a ramp for those who cannot walk up the steps.  Please be aware that parents are dropping off their children until about 7:45 AM, so do not arrive too early, because parking in the gym lot will not be possible until the drop-off period is ended.  On Mondays, or when school is not in session, the 8:00 AM Mass will be held in the Adoration chapel on the east side of the Cathedral campus.


8:00 AM Mass, Saturday

These Masses will be held in the chapel at the Catholic Center.  Please refer to the note above for the 6:30 AM Masses.



Due to the lack of an appropriate, confidential space to hear confessions in the school gymnasium, confessions will be offered at the Adoration chapel.  The priest will be located in the sacristy behind the altar.  You may enter through the door immediately to the left of the tabernacle.  Confessions will be available from 3:30 – 5:00 PM on Saturday afternoons.  We will not be able to offer confessions prior to Sunday Masses at the present time.


We would encourage our parishioners to check the confession schedule at the neighboring parishes, and to also make use of those opportunities when necessary.