Amendment 2 (Medicaid Expansion)

Statement of the Missouri Catholic Conference

The vote to expand the Medicaid program will provide greater access to health insurance coverage for the working poor.  We are hopeful that the expansion of this important program will improve health outcomes for those with unmet healthcare needs as well as help Missouri’s hospitals keep their doors open, especially in rural parts of the state.  

We know that the vote on Amendment 2 came with great anxiety for some members of Missouri’s pro-life community.  We want to make it clear that our support for human life at all stages is unwavering.  Indeed, helping those in need obtain health care is part of being pro-life and part of our call from Christ to see Him in the face of those less fortunate.  We believe providing low-income working mothers with health insurance coverage that remains in place after they deliver will reduce the demand for abortions.  We pledge our continued support going forward to ensuring the Hyde Amendment remains a part of federal law, and to walk with mothers in need who face unplanned pregnancies.  We hope the Missouri legislature will be able to find a way to fund this important program in the face of the fiscal challenges brought on by the current health crisis.


Most Reverend Robert J. Carlson, General Chairman, Archbishop of St. Louis

Most Reverend W. Shawn McKnight, Executive Chairman, Bishop of Jefferson City

Most Reverend James V. Johnston, Jr.,  Vice Chairman, Bishop of Kansas City-St. Joseph

Most Reverend Edward M. Rice, Bishop of Springfield-Cape Girardeau