Job Opening

Volunteer Coordinator

Duties and responsibilities:

  • Develops and coordinates the annual Time and Talent stewardship sign up, as well as events associated with this annual discernment, such as a Ministries Fair.  Tracking of parishioners’ tithing will not be included in the coordinator’s duties.
  • Maintains lists of current volunteers for all parish ministries
  • Assists parish leadership in exhorting all parishioners to be active stewards
  • Informs volunteers of policies, procedures, and standards of volunteer service
  • Ensures proper training is provided for all volunteers in their selected ministries
  • Offers timely reminders to volunteers regarding their upcoming involvement in their selected ministries, and may help to find substitutes when necessary
  • Establishes a committee of volunteers to assist in the ongoing tasks of volunteer management
  • Communicates issues of concern to parish leadership as needed


This position requires a person who is actively practicing their Catholic faith, is highly organized, and possesses an excellent professional demeanor.  The volunteer coordinator must be able to maintain confidentiality, effectively present information and respond to questions from various groups of parishioners, and possess the ability to analyze and implement both diocesan and parish policies and regulations.  Communication via email or other electronic messaging platforms will be the norm, but some communication will need to be done by phone or regular mail.  Must be Virtus compliant and agree to periodic background checks as established by diocesan policy.

The number of weekly hours for this position is negotiable.

If you are interested in applying, please contact us at