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Poster with some elements to commemorate Ash Wednesday that mark the beginning of Lent season: wooden crucifix, bowl with ashes of palms and purple stole.

July Liturgical Living Calendar

Our July installation of the Liturgical Living Calendar is now up and ready for access on the website. This can be found by going to “Parish Life” > “Liturgical Resources” > “Liturgical Living”. Or by clicking here: You can find the previous months here as well.

These resources are intended to spark a fire, give ideas and provide a way to more intimately tie your faith to your daily lives. These ideas should not be approached as an all or nothing mentality. Start with small achievable goals. Choose one or two things to focus on and build from there as you become comfortable.

Attending church for Mass on Sundays and receiving the sacraments are the bare minimum that we are called to do, but living out our faith in our homes and daily lives will allow our faith and relationship with God to flourish into a truly blessed relationship with our savior. This relationship is what allows us to remain focused on living out our Catholic faith so that we may receive the ultimate gift of eternal life in Heaven with our Lord!