Pastoral Parish Council Meeting

January 21, 2020 Meeting Minutes –

Opening Prayer – Fr. Louis Nelen
Proclamation – Skipped
Call to Order – Edith Vogel.
Cathedral of St. Joseph Parish Council Meeting
7:00 p.m., Tuesday, January 21, 2020
Presentation – Presentation by Julie Gramlich for “Made for More” by Christopher West. Presentation will be May 5, 2020 at the
Cathedral. Tickets are $25 per person.
Julie asked if the Parish Council would like to host a Coffee Bar in June 14 or July 12. Will make decision at next
Roll Call – Darlene Kliethermes
Present: Fr. Louis Nelen, Spencer Allen, Dena Brand, Bill Case, Jennifer Case, Mike Wilson and Edith Vogel.
Absent: Andrea Olsen and Michael Suresh
Minutes of November 19, 2019 Meeting Reviewed -Approved as written.
Pastor’s Report – Fr. Louis Nelen
• Nothing to report.
• Divine Worship & Spiritual Development
• Pastor reported that he had received many great reviews for the Christmas decorations at the Cathedral. Thank you Edie
• Many great reviews on the Community Hand Bell Concert. People said they hope we can do it again.
• Bishop was happy that all the Christmas Masses were well attended.
• Finance Report
• Nothing changed from what was reported in last bulletin.
• Considering taking some money out of our general checking account and putting into a savings account at the Diocese.
• We have not received final audit of Parish. Waiting for audit team to finish up and get report to us.
Religious Ed
• Knights Thank You dinner coming up for the teachers on January 28th.
• Prep for First Communion and Confirmation. Things seem to be moving along well. Confirmation is on Sunday, April 26,
2020 at the 10:00 Mass and First Communion is on Saturday, May 2, 2020 at the 5:30 Mass.
• RCIA-we do not have any candidates this year. One family working with Deacon Schwartze now, but not sure they will
participate in the Rite of Elections.
• Vocations – Will have Called By Name this weekend. Hoping for good results on that.
• Knights of Columbus
• Their big 50/50 raffle will start after the first of the year. It will run continuously for 12 months. First drawing will be in
Cathedral School Report -by Spencer Allen
• Mr. Allen and Mrs. Bailey have begun exploring strategies for a deeper level of evaluation. We already visit classes often, as
research supports that administrator visibility improves teaching and student behavior. Our observations are processed
through a form that provides data to help teachers make decisions to bring best practices into instruction. The new strategy is
based on professional studies on how to drive teacher/administrator conversations to a deeper level to explore the most
effective ways to form students in academics and discipleship.
• Our focus this year includes finding more powerful ways to increase the spirit of discipleship at our school. Of several
strategies we are trying, we recently had our first “Praise and Worship” assembly, where students encountered engaging
music and a strong witness from Helias Catholic teacher/coach Zach Rockers. This assembly was enough of a success what
we are planning on the second one during Catholic Schools Week. Our intention is that parents will be invited.
• Our Catholic Schools Week committee is hard at work planning a spirit-filled week to celebrate our Christ-centered
education. A schedule of events should be published soon. Our Distinguished Graduate and Outstanding Volunteer have both
accepted nomination, and we are excited to celebrate them at our 10:00 kick-off Mass.
• Through this semester, teachers are using our professional development time to vertically align our science and social studies
curricula. This means they are meeting to make sure that, from our lowest to highest grades, the students are presented