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Poster with some elements to commemorate Ash Wednesday that mark the beginning of Lent season: wooden crucifix, bowl with ashes of palms and purple stole.

Pro-Life Committee Meal Train Request

To best fill up a meal train, please request a meal train about 2 weeks before you’d like meals to begin!

Pro-Life Committee: Meal Train Request

Families who are welcoming new babies, experiencing prolonged illness or are mourning the loss of a loved one can use this form to sign up for a 10-day meal train created by the Pro-Life Committee and supported by families at the Cathedral who use their cooking talents to support others.

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Which of these best explains how our parish can support your family with a meal train?(Required)

Please be sure to include adults and children. We want to make sure everyone in your household has enough to eat!
What time of day do you prefer to receive your meals?(Required)
At this time, our parish is supporting families with dinner meals. Sometimes our “chefs” will bring an additional treat or extra items (like muffins for breakfast the next day). If you need special arrangements to receive another meal type, please contact us.

Meal trains are scheduled for 7-days (Sunday through Saturday) unless special arrangements are requested. It is best if you can request your meal train week at least two weeks ahead of time, to give parishioners a good chance to sign up for your meal dates.
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