Cathedral of St. Joseph

Vocations Committee

Monthly Meeting Minutes

Tuesday, April 13,  2021


I.                   Opening Prayer

Louie Delk led the opening prayer.


II.                Roll Call

In attendance via ZOOM:  Louie Delk, Carol Hartman, John Poepsel, Dena Brand, Ginny Bockwinkel,

Julie Gramlich, and Terri Vignola..


III.             Approval of Minutes

The previous meeting minutes were approved.


IV.               Report on Ongoing Activities:


A.  Weddings & Baptisms

There were no weddings or baptisms in March.


B.  Cards for Priests, Deacons, Consecrated Religious and/or Seminarians:

l  Praying for You cards sent to priests, deacons, consecrated religious, and seminarians during

each of the four weekends in March.

l  Two birthday and anniversary cards also sent in March.

l  St Joseph’s Day cards were sent to our seven seminarians.



D  Budget:   Looking at encumbered expenses for the remainder of the fiscal year, the committee

has $417 available to spend for vocation needs..


E.   Cards to  be signed:   None



V    New Business:


A.   Dates of interest:


April 25, World Day of Prayer for Vocations   The committee discussed ways to involve parishioners

in praying for vocations.   A petition for vocations will be included in the intentions for Masses this weekend.

In addition, a prayer for vocations will be included in the parish bulletin.







B.   Donation Request - The committee passed a motion that would provide the amount of  $250 to help defray

meal expenses for the new Class of Deacons for our diocese.    Our parish has two candidates in that deacon

class:  Louie Delk and Denis Gladbach.   Please keep both in your thoughts and prayers.



C.   New Committee Chair  Our present chairperson for the vocation committee is Louie Delk.   Due to the need

for Louie to focus all of  his attention to the activities required of deacon candidates, the committee

is in search for another person to chair the committee.


D.   Other New Business:


l    The committee currently sends congratulatory letters to students who have received their First Holy

Communion, Confirmation, and graduation.   The committee discussed various options to this program

in an attempt to find additional ways in which to congratulate and to encourage students in order to keep

them involved in their faith.  Additional discussion was tabled until the next vocation meeting.


l    The Mission Statement for the vocation committee will be reviewed in order to ensure that it is clear

and focused in ways to help promote vocations within our parish.


l     The Christ the High Priest Icon was being used by the vocation committee for families to sign up and

take the icon home in order to pray for vocations as a family during that upcoming week.   Due to

Covid concerns, the program was postponed.   Now that pandemic concerns have lessened, the

Committee will again seek permission to begin the Christ the High Priest Icon family prayers.


l       Mass will be celebrated for the seminarians of our diocese on Friday, April 23 at 8:00 a.m..

Another Mass for our seminarians will on Friday, May 7 at 8:00 a.m.




VI.    Next Meeting  Date and Time:

Tuesday, May 4, 2021 at 5:00 p.m. in the Mary Room.


VII.  Closing Prayer was led by Louie Delk.


Respectfully Submitted,  John Poepsel, Secretary