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Poster with some elements to commemorate Ash Wednesday that mark the beginning of Lent season: wooden crucifix, bowl with ashes of palms and purple stole.

Welcome Fr. Stephen Jones

Please join us in welcoming Fr. Stephen Jones as our new pastor and rector of the Cathedral.

— O God, We pray that you will continue to bless our parish through his service and leadership to open our hearts to receive the Holy Spirit and to love and worship our Lord, Jesus Christ. — Amen


Father Jones has been working throughout the area for over ten years in various roles throughout our Diocese and City. He served as President at Helias Catholic High School from 2013-2020 where he then transitioned into his role as Director of Stewardship.

Father Jones holds bachelor’s degrees in history and theology and master’s degrees in divinity and sacred theology. He was ordained in 2012 as a Catholic priest under the “Pastoral Provision” established by St. John Paul II in 1983 as a means for former ministers of Protestant denominations to seek ordination as Catholic priests. Father Jones served as a minister of the Episcopal Church for 10 years before entering the Catholic Church with his wife and children in 2010.