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Poster with some elements to commemorate Ash Wednesday that mark the beginning of Lent season: wooden crucifix, bowl with ashes of palms and purple stole.

XLT Adoration New Dates and Time!

We have seen such an amazing response to our XLT Adoration events over the last year! We hope the love for Jesus and his true and real presence in the Eucharist continues to grow! In an effort to streamline weeknight events for catechesis and additional worship we will be moving the XLT Adoration to Wednesday evenings and adjusting the time to 6-7pm to hopefully allow those with younger children the opportunity to attend. We appreciate everyone’s patience, understanding and flexibility in making this change for the betterment of our Parish. Moving forward we hope to keep Wednesday evenings as the ideal time for additional speakers, catechetical teachings and other events. Please continue to pray for the success of these events and that those who have strayed and/or kept their distance may hear His call to walk closer in faith with Him.